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How To Start A Blog In 2021?

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Are you looking forward to a simple and friendly guide on how to start a blog in 2021? Glad you came to the right place. Today I’m going to discuss with you exactly how to start a blog in 2021.

Let’s start it without any delay.

How to start a blog?

Select a niche

The first you need to do is, decide what you want to blog about, what is your passion, and what you can write about.

Starting anything may seem easy, but with the time you may start facing difficulty in writing, so it is the best option if you choose something that you are passionate about. 

If you want to start blogging for earning purpose and you aren’t interested in writing, then I must say, blogging is not for you.

Before starting a blog website, choose a niche you are enthusiastic about. While picking a niche for your blog, make a summary of the market value of the topic. A good niche helps you to get traffic. So, it is better if you study these things before starting a website.

Once you have chosen your niche

Select a domain name for your blog

A domain name is your website URL.

For example:

The domain name for Meltblogs is 

If your targeted audience is from India only then go for (.in) for example ( instead of (.com)

But if you want to target a worldwide audience, I would suggest you go for (.com)

POINT TO REMEMBER while choosing a domain name

  • Short
  • engaging
  • easy to remember and utter

You can also use your name or surname in the domain name. Many successful bloggers use their name as their domain name. 

Irrespective of your domain. If your blog is full of helpful content, people will visit your blog again and again.

So, instead of investing so much time in choosing a domain name use the mentioned tips.

Choose a dependable hosting.

Hosting is like a place where your website is going to live.

I would suggest you not to go for free hosting.


  • Their domain structure is not professional
  • They provide limited options to customize your site.

For my website, I am using Hostinger hosting. Their services are good and cheap as well. You can search for other hosting as well and compare them and find suitable hosting for your website.

Click Here To get Premium quality Web Hosting.


Select a good looking theme with highly customized options.

So now you can set up the look of the website of your blog.

Go to WordPress’s dashboard and install a theme.

A theme is apparel for your website. You may choose a nice theme and make changes to it. 

Things to do after your theme is final.

Add necessary pages

  • Home (your home page is the first page a person might visit, so make it attractive and informative)
  • About us (many people who like your content may want to connect with you or know more about you, so it is necessary to add this page and make your website look more authentic)
  • Contact us (sometimes a person who is visiting your site may like to appreciate what you have written or would require any help from you. So, make sure you have a contact page too)
  • Privacy policy (a privacy policy page should be there to make sure to visitors that how protected their data is while visiting your website, and it will also help in gaining the trust of your visitors)
  • Terms and Conditions (do you have any information that needs to be shared with your visitors, or they should be aware ? If yes, then make sure you add a terms and conditions page on your website)

Content publishing tips

There is a saying, content is the king, and I completely agree with this term. 

  • Write an engaging post, make it informative, and do not forget the SEO part.
  • Make sure you use the words like you and I. It gives a more personal sense while reading an article.
  • Make proper use of headlines. Avoid writing a long paragraph.
  • Make use of emotions properly.
  • Do NOT FORGET the use of keywords in your article (I would recommend using 1% of the keyword in your whole article, and it would be good if you use more synonyms)
  • Try to write your article in detail and mention every detail in it. (it can be from 1000-1500 words long)
  • Do proofreading of your article before posting it.
  • Make use of infographics, images in your article. It gives a more attractive look to your article, and make it more engaging. (Note: do not use copyright images)
how to start a blog?

Now, when you are done with posting the article, what you need to do is bring traffic to your blog.

How to promote your blogs?

Make full use of social media.

For example:

Facebook page






For Meltblogs, I have a page on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

I share my blog post link on my Facebook and Twitter. It helps me to attract good traffic to my website.

Instagram does not allow you to share website links in the post. But you can at least put your website link on your profile, and it is also a good way to attract traffic if you have a good number of followers on Instagram.

Pinterest is useful to get good traffic to your website. For this, you need to learn proper Pinterest SEO, and you can attract a huge number of visitors to your site every month.

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Having pages on social media, not only help you to get traffic on-site, but you can also put your social media link on your website, it will give your site a good look and would help you redirect your website’s traffic to your social media account. 

Moreover, I have a LinkedIn account, where I share links to my blog post and receive traffic on my site.

Quora is also a good option when it comes to increasing visitors to your site. What you need to do is, find a question relevant to your niche and answer the question, and put the link of your article in the keyword. (There are things to remember while putting your links to an answer on Quora, otherwise, your answer may get blocked or banned. So, study about that first)

Last but not least, add a subscription form on your website. If anyone would like to hear from your side in the future or want to stay updated, he/she can subscribe to your newsletter, and you can send an updated mail to them every time you post an article.

So, these were the tips from my side on how to start a blog. I hope you found it helpful. 

Need to know anything about blogging? Feel free to contact me. 

Liked my post on how to start a blog? Don’t forget to share with your friends and subscribe to my newsletter for free to stay updated.

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