crying does not make you weak. So, cry of you need to cry


Every human on earth feels like crying sometimes. Some people are good at crying but some face difficulty to show their true emotion. They hesitate to cry even when they are dying to cry. So, what is the reason that some people hesitate in crying?

Many people think that crying is a sign of weakness, but how many of you actually think so? Have you thought about going deep into why people believe that crying is a sign of weakness. What are the factors responsible for such thinking?

Let Us Now Discuss Things In Deep

We all face a time where we feel irritable or frustrated all the time. We stay so busy in our lives that we don’t even bother to analyze where these feelings are coming from. Slowly with time, we learn to live with these feelings which are negative for us. 

irritability and frustration are nothing but a mixer of emotions that we don’t let out. And that feeling is nothing but sorrow. 

It Is Very Important To Learn And Analyze Emotions Before Jumping To Conclusions.

How Do We Analyze Emotions? 

let us discuss it with an example

Let us say you are living in your childhood days and someone scolds you. How would you react as a child? Perhaps you would have thought about crying instead of getting angry. Therefore, I would say that your true feeling towards such a situation is showing sadness and not anger. 

Now, let us take the same example and your reaction as an adult. So, what will be your reaction if someone scolds you? I am sure you will get angry but let me tell you one thing showing anger in such a situation is not the solution to the problem. Moreover, it will make the situation worst.

Now when we know showing anger is not the true emotion in such situation, let us now talk about how our basic nature which was to cry turned into anger.

How Did We Forget To Show Our True Feelings?

When we wanted to cry, we were told that crying is sign of weakness and some of us were scolded for crying.

 Most Of Us Are Afraid To Show Our True Feelings Because We Have Been Told To Hide Them.

Our basic nature was never to hide our feelings, people forced us to do so. We are living in a world where it is rare to show our true feelings which is quite normal for almost everyone. No one says us ‘cry when you need to cry’.

Therefore, the question arises,

Who Is Responsible For Hiding Our True Feelings?

Of course, our parents and teachers. Instead of teaching children to hide their feelings, we should teach them to show their true feelings. Showing sadness is as important as happiness.

Emotions Are Made Of Happiness, Sorrow, Fear, Anger, Hatred, Wonder.

The absence of any of these feelings will often change a person’s mood that will come out in inappropriate ways such as unstable relationships, jobs, and many more negative things that many people already encounter in their regular lives. Crying is a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety, which if left unchecked can also have a negative effect on your body.

If children are taught to show their feelings in the right way, it will not only be easy for them to handle relationships but it will also become easier for them to live a better and healthy life.

Many People Underestimate The Role Of Crying In Our Lives And Forget The Importance Of Crying. Let us now discuss the importance of crying.

Importance Of Crying

It Acts As A Stress Buster

When we keep things in, we stay stressed and sometimes face anxiety problems but once we cry for whatever is bothering us, we tend to release the stress through tears which eventually work as a stress buster for us.

It Reduces Heartache

When we let things out through crying, we feel light which ultimately helps in reducing heartache.

Helps In Changing Bad Mood

Our mood is affected when we keep things inside, but when we let the things go with the flow it helps in converting our bad mood into better.

Tears Help You Let Go And Move Forward

When we let our true emotions out, we forget things that were bothering us after a period of time and we start moving forward.

Crying Has Several Health Benefits

Crying does have many health benefits which we underestimate the most when we don’t show our sadness, we stay stressed and stress may turn into depression one day but once we learn to show our true emotions to others and share what is bothering us it improves our mental as well as physical health. 

It Helps In Processing The Situation

Situation has the power to bother us until we don’t let it come out. Once we cry for the thing that is bothering us, we let go of the situation and move forward.

Tear Is a Sign Of Strength And Not Of Weakness

As discussed above, we should not say that a crying person is weak. There is a famous quote by Johnny Depp- 

People cry not because they are weak, it is because they have been strong for too long.

Now that you know the importance of crying in our life then I would say if you need to cry then cry. Showing your true feelings does not make the situation difficult but hiding them will definitely bring negativity inside you which will not immediately but gradually, will definitely affect your mental health first and physical health later.

You will be able to get well once you start crying and showing your true feelings. Crying will really help you to work out on the pain you have been holding for a long time. Carrying negative feelings for a long time can affect your mental health as discussed. Hence we can say that, Crying does not make you weak. So, cry if you need to cry.


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