When You Feel Like quitting, Think About Why You Started It.

When You Feel Like quitting, Think About Why You Started It.

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There comes a time when most people feel like giving up because of the failures they have experienced. OR, they think they are trying for something for a long time and are unable to achieve what they want. OR, they do not see growth. Here in this topic, we will analyze the statement When you feel like quitting, think about why you started it.

Over time, People get so much frustrated because of the failures they face and feel depressed.

So, Before We Understand the Meaning of This Line, “When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About Why You Started It.” We Will First Analyze Our Level of Interest Left.


Yes, We Can Try For Something For A Long Period As Long As We Are Passionate About That Particular Thing. You Cannot Force Yourself To Do Something And Expect Positive Result Out Of It.

I have seen many actors struggling, who, after facing years of struggle, became a successful actor because they were so passionate about acting that they did not even think about giving up.

And on the other hand, I have seen many people aiming for something because they are stubborn to achieve something but have lost their passion for it.

Many times, people do not understand their behavior towards the goal, they become so involved in their goal that they forget their real passion for doing something.



When you want to do something out of your interest, no one else will need to keep you motivated. You will be motivated by yourself. 

Working for your goal will feel so light, and you will never know how the day will pass. 

No matter what happens in life, you would not give up ever.

Everything else will be secondary for you when it comes to doing what you are passionate about. That means, your passion will always be your priority no matter what. 

Winners never quit. Quitters never win. 

Napolean Hill


When You Feel Like quitting, Think About Why You Started It.
  • When you are as passionate about your goal as you were in the beginning.
  • You are stubborn about your goals.
  • You cannot see anything beyond that goal.
  • You have no departure plan.

Now Let Us Analyze 

The statement “When you feel like quitting, think about why you started” is such a pressure for those people who have to develop different interests while achieving something. Sticking to a goal is good, but sticking to something for which you have lost your interest Or you have no passion left is nothing but a burden.

  • Not everyone is the same, and not all of us face the same situation. Most people start doing something because they see others doing it, so they think they should also do it, and doing something under peer pressure will never be satisfactory.
  • Many people stick to something because they feel they have come so far in achieving it that it would be hard to start something new. 
  • What they do not understand is that doing anything without any interest is nothing but the heaviness in our hearts. Whatever we do our whole life, it is necessary to remain as enthusiastic as you were in the beginning.



When You Feel Like quitting, Think About Why You Started It.
  • When you have lost all of your interest after some effort.
  • You are only stubborn towards your goal but not passionate about it.
  • You have created an interest in something else that you feel you are passionate about.
  • You have a backup plan for yourself.
  • You have a better reason for leaving.


  • Wait for the right time. You should agree that everything happens in life when the time is right. Do Not Compare yourself to others. 
  • Just because Amsterdam’s time is ahead of America, that does not mean America is slow. You are not slow, you are just waiting for your time. Everyone has a different life and purpose to serve. 

You Grow When You Face Challenges.

Many people give up because of the challenges they face. They do not understand that all the challenges that they have faced are making them more powerful for the future. So, never be afraid of facing challenges in life.

No One Achieves Success Instantly.  

It takes lots of time and courage to pursue something and achieve success. You cannot expect to start a new thing now and start getting results on the other moment. Instant success is a myth.

May Be Your 100% Is Not Enough.

I have heard many people saying that they are giving their best still not getting the best results. But they do not notice one thing. i.e., maybe their 100% is not enough. You may be giving your 100% but, your work might require more than you are giving to it. 

Your Failures Do Not Define You

Stop looking at yourself as a failure. Everyone in life has faced some failures. Failures are proof that you are at least trying.

Here, We Conclude That,   

Letting go of something that we have been doing for a long time is not easy because people feel attached to it. But at the same time, we need to understand that we are leaving it for a better reason.

Therefore, we can say that whenever you feel like leaving, think about why you started it but, it is also essential to keep these things in your mind that most of us forget to remember.

The Situation Is Never Complicated, we Complicate Them By Overthinking And Pressurizing Ourselves.

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