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Immunity or immunity power is very important for all people. Doctors also advise people to maintain or increase it, but the question arises that how to improve immunity.

Before we jump into the ways to increase immunity, let us first understand the exact meaning of the same.

What Is Immunity?

Immunity helps the human body to fight against diseases, infections, viruses, etc. Thus, immunity is the power to fight against diseases, which helps a person to stay healthy.

Why Is Immunity Important?

As explained above, everyone need to have good immunity. Let us now read importance of good immunity.

Stay Healthy

The main benefit of having good immunity is that you stay healthy. The person whose immunity is good, stays healthier as compared to others.

Increases Physical Strength

Disease-resistant ability helps a person to stay strong. A person with weak immunity might face difficulty in doing a task, on the other hand, a person with strong immunity will not face such a problem.

Keep You Strong Mentally

Disease-resistant ability affects not only the body but brain also. It helps a person to remain mentally strong, which eventually reduces the chances of developing mental illness.

Protect Family From Serious Diseases

When a person is affected by a disease it may spread among family members too. So, it is necessary to have a strong immune to protect the family.

What Are The Signs Of Weak Immunity?


 when a person takes so much stress it affects their body drastically which eventually results in weakening the immune system.

Catch A Cold Frequently

 If you catch a cold so frequently, you should not ignore it because it can be a symptom of low immunity power.

Stomach Problems

 If a person has stomach problems such as diarrhea, gas, etc., he may need medical help as it can be a symptom of weak immunity.

Take More Than Normal Time To Heal

When a person’s injury takes longer than the normal time than it can be a sign of weak immunity.

Get Infected Easily

 Another sign of weak immunity is that a person may get infected easily. In such a case, an infected person is supposed to seek doctor’s advice.

Feel Weak All The Time

If you feel weak to complete even a small task, there are higher chances that your immunity is very low.

What Are The Reasons Of Weak Immunity?

However, the exact reason of poor immunity is not known. but according to study, immunity of a person gets weak because of the following reasons: –

Eating Unhealthy Food

The main reason for weak immunity is eating unhealthy food. Since our food affects our health directly, it may lead to problems such as weak immunity.

Consumption Of Alcohol Or Smoke

If a person consumes a high amount of drink or narcotics, then he/she is more likely to have weak immunity.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Possibility of having a weak immune system increases among those who don’t get an adequate amount of sleep.

Excess Weight

Another reason for weak immunity is excess weight. Those people should take more care of their health so that they do not have the problem of low immunity power.

Do Not Work Out

If a person does not exercise, then he is much more likely to have weak immunity.

What Are The Risk Of Weak Immunity?

Weak immunity power can be very dangerous for anyone.

List of risk if a person has a weak immunity.


The major risk of low immunity is infection. The person who has low immunity power increases the chances of getting infected.

Autoimmune Disorder

Another risk of weak immunity is of autoimmune disorder. Autoimmune disorder means a disease that affects the healthy cells of the body.

Failure Of Body Parts

If the immune system of a person is weak, it can affect other parts of the body like heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. These organs may get damaged due to low immunity power, which may require medical help.

Slow Development Of Body And Mind

You may have seen people whose brain development is not done properly. Weak immunity is one of the reason for the same.

Increase Risk Of Serious Diseases

Usually, weak immunity can also lead to serious diseases like cancer.

How To Improve Immunity?

Immune system needs a lot of nutrients to function properly. You must have noticed that malnourished children fall ill sooner than those who have a balanced diet. So, our body part and immune system needs vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to function properly, and according to the study, the immune system of people who eat more fruits and vegetables is better than those who do not eat vegetables and fruits.

 Few Tips To Improve Immunity

Eat Nutritious Food

As explained above, the main reason for weak immunity is to eat unhealthy food. Thus, to increase immunity, you should eat nutritious food which is full of vitamins, calcium, iron, etc.

Exercise Every Day

Since low immunity power is because of physical weakness, it can prove to be beneficial in improving immunity. so, if a person exercises daily, he/she can improve immunity.

Maintain A Balanced Weight

Overweight can cause a lot of diseases that includes weak immune system. Therefore, people should try to maintain a balanced weight to improve their immunity.

Do Not Consume Drugs/ Alcohol

As explained above, the reason for low immunity power is consuming drugs. So, one should not consume drugs/alcohol so that their health does not get affected and they can stay healthy.

Get Enough Sleep

Sometimes health problems are the result of not getting enough sleep. This also include poor immunity, which can lead to other serious diseases. So, it is necessary for a person to have enough sleep (8 hours) to boost immunity.

Get Rid Of Stress

Stress not only affects our mental health but it also affects our physical health. Stress consumes our natural energy and develops a kind of mental illness that dominates us in a very dangerous way. So, try to get rid of stress.

At present, several diseases are spreading, including corona Virus. We all have been watching the news of corona virus infected people every day on TV, which the central government including the state governments are taking every possible step to reduce it.

If you pay attention to measures to avoid corona virus, then the most important among them is to increase immunity so that the virus can be defeated. Due to a lack of knowledge about measures to increase immunity power in people, they do not improve it.

I hope this article was beneficial to you.

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