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17 Traits Of Toxic People & How To Deal With Them?

Everyone in life might have face toxic people at least once in their life. Today, in this topic, we will talk about who exactly are toxic people and how to deal with them.

Who are toxic people?

If you feel negative around any person, or someone gives your negative vibes, its reason is that he/she is the toxic person for you.
Remember, a person who is perfect or nice for someone else might be toxic to you. So, never get confused about a person’s personality about how they treat others. Always focus on how they treat you.
Let us now discuss the traits of toxic people.

Traits of toxic people

Toxic People Emotionally Exhaust You

toxic people

Many times we meet such people who drain us emotionally. You feel exhausted after having a conversation with them. Once in a while, such a feeling is fine, because every relationship goes through some up and down, but if it continues for a long period, then it is time to move on in your life and leave the toxic person behind.

They Always Try To Manipulate You

No matter how you feel or what you think, they will always try to manipulate you. If you are an empathetic person, then be aware, the chances of manipulation are higher for you. They will use your emotions as a bridge to manipulate you for their selfish purpose.

Toxic People Disappoint You In Different Ways Every day

Even when they know what you like and what you don’t like, you will see them going against you. Toxic people will disappoint you every day in many different ways. If it happens more frequently, it is time to have a conversation with them.

They Have Controlling Nature

They won’t let you have your identity, and they would hardly care about how you see things. They like to stay in power and love when others follow them. They love it when everything is in their control.

They Get Jealous Easily

toxic people

There are a few people who get happy seeing you grow in life. So, notice this deeply who gets happy seeing you grow in life and who get jealous of seeing you grow. It can be even the closest person.

Toxic People Consider Themselves As A Victim

I have seen many people in life, who even after having a happy, and many positive things in life, always complain about everything in life. They always show themselves as a victim and try to prove others wrong.

They Are Judgmental

Do you always see them judging everyone around? Finding fault or negative things in others is their nature? Then there is no doubt in saying they are the judgmental people who are full of negativity. No matter what you do, you will never be able to fulfill their wishes.

Toxic People Avoid Apologizing

Have you ever noticed that they don’t apologize even when they are wrong? Notice it now, it is one of the MAIN traits of toxic people that they avoid apologizing even when they know they are wrong. THEY HATE APOLOGIZING.

They Do Not Think About Themselves As A Problem

Everyone has some flaws, and many people dare to accept them, but toxic people are the people who think that they are perfect and they cannot be a problem maker.

They Are Not Supportive People

We all need someone in life who support us to achieve our dreams and take interest in knowing who we are and what is important for us.

But if you have someone close who does not support you or believe in you, then there are higher chances he/she is the toxic person for you.

They Do Not Take Responsibility For Their Actions

When it comes to taking responsibility for the failures of their actions, you will see them running away, or you will notice them blaming others for the failures they have faced in life. (they would never be courageous enough to accept that they were the reason for the failures they have faced in life.)

They Are Double Standard

Their opinion of the situation changes according to their favor. When it comes to others, you might see them acting strict or rigid, and when it comes to themselves, you will notice them changing their opinion firmly.

Toxic People Always Try To Win An Argument

Toxic people have a habit of winning every argument, even at the cost of a relationship. They will also say many meaningless things to feel superior.

Your Heart Make Excuses To Not Stay Around Them

Many times I feel like running away from the people just by seeing their face. Seeing their call or message on my screen makes me exhausted mentally. If you also have experienced a similar feeling, then there is no doubt in saying the person is toxic.

They Absorb Positivity Out Of You

There is always a person in everyone’s life who stays negative in every situation and absorb the positivity out of you.

They Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

They will always judge the choices you have made in life. No matter what you do or what you have achieved in life, they will always have something negative to say about you to make you feel bad about yourself. They never value your choices.

They Get Pleasure In Taking Away Your Joy

They may show that they feel bad for your situation, but secretly they are the people who feel joyful when you suffer in life. Stay away from such people.

So, there were the traits of toxic people. While reading the whole article, I am sure you might have imagined someone’s face. So, before any delay, let us discuss the ways about HOW TO DEAL WITH TOXIC PEOPLE.

How to deal with toxic people

Avoid Agreeing With Their Every Negative Talk

toxic people

As discussed above, toxic people have a bad habit of talking negatively about everything. So, the only best thing you are supposed to do is avoid agreeing with any of their negative talks. Never show interest in their negative conversation. Once, they will notice that you are least interested in their discussion, they will immediately start finding someone else to talk about what they have in their mind.

Do Not Try To Fix Them

One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in life was to try to fix their problems because they were not interested in fixing their issues, and how can you fix someone when they are not willing to fix things themselves. They only feel pleasure in gossiping about situations. So, stop it as soon as possible.

Stop Being Available All The Time

When you stay available for the toxic people, they take full advantage of it and stay with you until you are drained. Avoid being available all the time.

Set The Boundaries For Toxic People

No one will set the boundaries for you. You have to do it yourself. Set the limits for such people. Analyze on the following basis:

toxic people

Ask yourself

Does this person add value to your life positively?

Are they close to your heart?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then try to make them understand the situation and life, make them read good books, and ask them to meditate.

But if no, so, set the limitations.

Stay Calm Around Them

  • Breathe slowly and deeply
  • Avoid tensing your muscles, and try to relax them
  • Distract your mind towards positivity
  • Visualize your favorite things

Maintain Emotional Distance

When you involve yourself emotionally with someone toxic, you see yourself getting more negative in their presence. So, always try to maintain a distance emotionally. It is helpful when you have to face the person regularly.

Put Yourself At Priority

Most of the time, we get so much involved in others that we forget our priority in life. We forget what we want in life and who we are.

Never do this to yourself for a toxic person who has nothing good to offer. Always stay self-centered in life.

Bottom Line

You will find toxic people everywhere, i.e., in the office, among friends, or even in the family. Many times it gets hard to avoid such people completely, but you can surely adopt these simple and helpful ways to deal with toxic people.

Remember: Toxic people are not bad people, they have some negative traits that not everyone can handle. If you keep their negative nature apart, you will get to notice many positive things in them.

For example, they may be the most caring person you will ever meet. Even the toxic people have many positive things in them, you need to find it out and focus on it rather than cursing them for who they are. I am a firm believer of, there is good in everything and everyone. Find it now.

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  1. Hi:

    This post about toxic people is what I’ve been looking for actually. I have met many toxic people in my life. I felt bad before, but as I get older, I don’t care so much anymore because I put myself in priority and stay self-centered my life,

    Thank you for sharing!

    All the best for holidays,


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