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There are many facts related to our body which are really surprising. Let us know some interesting things about human body.

Human body is the most complicated machine in the world. There are many such things about our body, which we are hardly aware of. There are many facts related to this body, which are really surprising. Let us know some interesting things about this human body.

  • The only part of our body whose size never changes. From birth to death, the shape of human eye remains the same. However, over time the shape of its lens definitely gets thicker. Yes, one more thing our ears and nose keep growing till death.

  • In humans, it takes about 25 years for the brain to fully develop while the lungs take 18 to 22 years to fully develop.

  • Nails of men grow faster than the nails of women. This is due to hormones. Also, the speed of nail growth is much faster in summer because the body gets faster by making vitamin D using sunlight.

  • Earwax is very important for our defense system. It protects the ears from many types of bacteria. Although some people do not like it at all, it is beneficial for our body.

  • The right kidney of a human is larger than the left kidney. This is because the left kidney has a heart.

  • The foot and can be up to 4.5 feet (1.37 m) in length.

  • In any type of accident, the bones are broken the most, but the jaw bone is so strong that it has no effect. It can also bear around 280 kg of weight.

  • It is always believed that a person cannot live for long without eating. But the fact about this is that a person can spend several weeks without food, but it becomes difficult to take a week without water and sleep.

  • The acid produced in the stomach is so strong that it can even melt the razor blade. That is why the lining inside the stomach changes every third-fourth day.

  • Two-thirds of our body weight is water. It contains 92 percent water of blood, 75 percent water of brain and 75 percent water of muscles.

  • There are 9000 fibers on the human tongue so that it recognizes the main flavors immediately. Salted and sweet from the tip of the tongue, pungent or charred from the back, sour from both sides of the tongue and mixed taste is felt from the middle part of the tongue. But until the saliva of the mouth is not found in the food, the taste is not felt.

  • The retina of the eye consists of about 125 million rods and 7 million cones. The rod helps to see shadows and in low light, while the cones are able to see in bright light and identify colors. And it is also a fact that we see not with eyes but with our mind. The eyes actually act as cameras.

  • This fact is also astounding. Do you know that your legs are as much as the parts from the elbow to the lower part of the wrist. Similarly, the length of your thumb is the length of your nose and the length of lips is as long as your first finger
  • There are about 62,000 miles of blood vessels inside the body of every human being. If they are connected to each other, then they can rotate about two and a half of the whole earth.
  • Do you know that there is no smell in our sweat? This is a wonder of bacteria which, along with sweat, cause bad odor.
  • The nails of our middle finger i.e. Middle Finger grow faster than the nails of our remaining fingers.
  • The number of bacteria in our mouth is more than the people living in the whole world.
  • A normal person takes about five rounds of the earth in his entire life.
  • Every person’s heart beats about 100,000 times daily.
  • A recent research has found that keeping a cat reduces the risk of heart attack.
  • If oxygen does not reach our brain even for 5 minutes, brain damage can occur.
  • We do not remember most of the things while drinking alcohol because at that time our brain is unable to form memory properly.
  • The storage of our brain is unlimited. It does not fill up like the RAM of our computer or phone.
  • It is almost impossible for any human to sneeze without taking eyes
  • A human spends about 30% of his life sleeping.
  • Applying headphones for just one hour increases the number of bacteria in our ear by almost 100 times.
  • No human being can stop his breath even by his desire.
  • We cannot see anything with our eyes but with the help of our brain. The eye only works to take information and reaches our brain.
  • When a person is born, there are about 300 bones in his body, but by reaching the age of 18 years, the number of bones in his body becomes 206.
  • On an average, your hair grows up to 5 millimeters a day.
  • The smallest bone in our body is the steppe which is inside our ear.
  • The largest bone in the body is the femur (in the thigh).
  • 75% of the liver, 80% of the intestine and a kidney can survive without a human being.
  • Most of the dust particles present in your houses are of your dead skin.

So, these were the some interesting facts about human body. I hope you liked reading them.

If you know any interesting fact about human body, let us know in the comment section.

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