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Tips for better sleep.

Tips for better sleep. Do these 7 things before sleeping for good sleep, you will wake up fresh and energetic in the morning. Due to insomnia, your body and mind remain tired throughout the day. To get good sleep, do these 7 things before sleeping.

Do these 7 things before sleeping for good sleep, you will wake up fresh and energetic in the morning.


Nowadays, patients with stress, obesity, and heart-related diseases are seen increasing continuously, the main reason for these diseases is a lack of good sleep. Today we will tell you some tips to follow before sleeping for good sleep, which will remove your insomnia. According to the National Institutes of Health, “Getting better sleep improves your mood and health.” At the same time, it also removes the fatigue of your body and keeps you mentally healthy, so let’s know, the remedies for better sleep.

Take a bath before sleeping

You can take a warm bath before sleeping for better sleep. This reduces the fatigue of your body throughout the day. If you want, you can add a few drops of mint oil to it for fragrance. This will give you pleasure in bathing, and your mood will also be light.


Sleep wearing loose clothes

After you shower, wipe yourself with a clean cloth and put on some loose clothes. Due to this, your body remains relaxed, and your body can take oxygen properly. You can wear pajamas while sleeping. Before sleeping, women can take off their bras and sleep because wearing tight clothes can cause problems with your blood circulation. Along with this, due to tight clothes, you may also complain of rashes, itching, and infection in summer.

Sleep with the bed clean

You must clean the bed before sleeping because your health can be affected due to dirty bedding. Due to sleeping through the night, your bed absorbs your sweat, which can lead to skin rashes and itching. Sleeping in such a bed also affects your sleep.

Sleep with the lights off

Your sleep can also be affected due to bright light because while sleeping, the light of the room falls directly on the eyes, which makes it difficult for you to sleep. Therefore, while sleeping at night, sleep with the lights off. Also, for better sleep, put a few drops of mint oil on the pillow and play slow music in the room.

Read a book when you can’t sleep

Even after following all of the above tips, you face trouble in falling asleep, then get out of bed and start reading books. This will make you sleepy because reading a book at night puts a strain on your eyes, which makes the eyes feel tired and makes you sleep well.

Don’t Take Carbs Before Bed

Do not take food rich in carbs before sleeping as such food takes time to digest. Also, your metabolism slows down during the night, which digests food at a slower rate. So try to eat light food. This will help you sleep better, and food will also be digested well.

Stay away from your phone

For better sleep, you should stay away from your phone for at least 3 hours before sleeping because the rays emitted from the phone have a bad effect on the body and mind, which can have a bad effect on your health. Therefore, stay away from the phone while sleeping, and do not use the phone immediately after getting up in the morning.

Other tips for better sleep-

  • For better sleep, drink 1 glass of milk before sleeping.
  • Sleep in the room with a well-scented air freshener.
  • Sleep with mosquito nets to avoid mosquito bites.
  • Do not consume alcohol before sleeping for better sleep. This can disturb your sleep.

For a healthy body, you need to get enough sleep of 7 to 8 hours. Therefore, you can use these remedies for better sleep. This will improve your sleep.

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