how To Break Up With Someone?(signs that says you should)

how To Break Up With Someone?(signs that says you should)

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The person who has experienced a break up knows the feeling of pain in the break-up. Today in this article, we will talk about how to break up with someone.

 When you are breaking up with your partner, it must be easy to separate for both of you. Because, both of you have spent a lot of time together, and you will always have a soft corner for your partner, even if you do not want to have a relationship with them.

Before we find out how to break up with someone, let us first talk about the signs that say it is time to break up.

Sign that says you need to break up

You Don’t Feel Happy In Their Presence.

At the starting of any relationship, everything seems very good. You enjoy each other’s company, but with time even small things become the reason for the fight.

Every couple fights a little, but that should not become the reason for insecurity. With the time you started hating their presence as fighting all time take away your peace.

You are the only one who is sacrificing.

It is one of the most important parts of a relationship, no one in the world is perfect, and when you live with someone else, sometimes you sacrifice things for their happiness, and sometimes they make the sacrifice for you. But one main thing to notice here is, who is the one who is always making sacrifices? Is it you? or them? Either the case, if it is happening, you need to rethink your relationship at least once.

They put unrealistic limitations on you.

Sometimes we cannot bring out our best side because of some people’s presence and the limitation they put on us. It is okay to tell your partner what is wrong and right for them, but forcing them to follow you is crazy. If your partner is one of those, who do not understand your likes and dislikes and impose their choices on you, and you strongly think you can do better in your life in their absence, then it is time to break up.

It is hard to trust them.

Do you check their phone every time you meet? Do you always doubt their statement? If yes, then what is the point of being in this relationship? When you love someone and like their company, know them completely, you would not doubt their actions ever. They will be the ones whom you trust the most. Mark my words, YOU NEVER DOUBT A PERSON YOU LOVE. If you are having trust issues, it is better to clear them out with your partner or leave him/her. Take action now.

You fight for a long time.

As discussed above, every couple fights. But, if you are fighting a lot more than having a smooth relationship. Then consider it as a sign of a dead or end of a relationship. Gift peace to yourself by breaking up with them. You deserve it.

Lack of understanding.

how To Break Up With Someone?(signs that says you should)

Understanding is necessary for any relation in the world, be it parents, friends, lovers. But what is understanding exactly? It is,

  • Not fighting on silly topics  
  • understanding other person’s preferences
  • respecting their decisions
  • giving space to each other
  • understand that the other person has a life too.

If your relation lack in mentioned points, so it is time to move on.

You think about break up all the time.

Do you find it hard to see the future with them? Do you think about breaking up all the time? Nothing in the world can give you bigger clue than this. 

And finally,

Ask yourself 

  • Is it hard to get back together? 
  • Can you give yourself a chance to fix everything?

If it is hard for you to be with them and you are not willing to give them a chance, so it is high time that you break up with them.

How to break up with someone?

Allow yourself to feel.

how To Break Up With Someone?(signs that says you should)

Never ignore your feelings. I repeat never. When you start ignoring your emotions and how you feel, you begin to go into a zone where it gets harder to breathe peacefully. Let your emotions sync and sense them. Gradually you will learn to accept them, and it will get easy for you to break up. It is hard to break up with someone when you are not aware of your feelings. 

Take help from others.

Talk to someone and share with them how you feel. We all are experts in giving advice when it is not our situation. Ever wondered why? Because we think about the situation practically rather than thinking emotionally. So it is better to share your feelings and situation with another person as they can analyze for us better (share only when you know you can trust the person blindly and who always wishes the best for you). Most of the time, we ignore a person’s toxic traits for the sake of emotional attachment, which is unacceptable. 

Break up in person

Though this is the most crucial part, it is necessary to break up in person. Avoid breaking up on chats or phone calls. Breaking up in-person helps you to respond in a better way, and it helps you to explain yourself in a better way, which gets harder on chat or call.

Be straight forward

When it is about breaking up, never mess up with things. Be straightforward about your relationship, how you feel, and things that are disturbing you. Never lie about your feelings and emotions. Always tell them how you are feeling and how their presence makes you feel.  

Stick to your decision

how To Break Up With Someone?(signs that says you should)

When you talk about breaking up, there are higher chances that the other person will try to win you back by agreeing to every condition. They may say that they are ready to do anything to be with you, or they will change themselves to be with you. But, never fall into this trap because once you will give them another chance, sooner or later they will take shape of their older version. Remember, you cannot change a person’s basic nature. So stick to your decision.

Be prepared for their reaction.

When you are with someone for a long time, it is easier for you to analyze their reaction to things, and you may know what will be their reaction once they will hear the word “break up.” They may get angry, sad, or act surprised. Whatever it may be, prepare yourself for the same in advance. Remember, it is not your responsibility to heal them. So, while breaking up, do not even try to say such a thing.

So, here were a few points on how to break up with someone. Break up is hard but living after a break up is even harder. 

So, here are a few tips on what to do after breaking up with someone.

What to do after break up

#share with your close ones

Be it your family or friends, share it with someone close. They can help you to overcome the emptiness caused by a breakup.

#Prioritize yourself

Start focusing on your physical as well as mental health. Hit the gym, start reading books, watch new motivational movies, go for a walk, commence a new hobby, join some new courses or mental health groups. Do whatever makes you feel better about yourself. 

#Give yourself time after break up

Many people start missing the people and go back to them as soon as they break up, but it is better to give yourself time rather than going back to them. Whenever you miss them, it is better to divert your mind to something more productive, or you can hang out with a friend. 

#Invest in yourself 

It is good to invest your time in yourself that you used to spend on your partner. It will develop your personality eventually.

#After break up push yourself to explore new things

Although it is difficult to do a new thing when you are sad. But, this is the best thing you can do for yourself. This is the time to explore yourself and new things, try new recipes, visit random places, meet new people. All these little things will help you a lot.

#Avoid watching sad or love stories/listening to sad or love songs

I have seen people listening to sad or love movies as soon as they get sad. Listening to sad songs in such a situation makes you even sadder, so it is better to avoid such things and surround yourself with a positive and happy environment. A cheerful environment helps you to heal faster and better.

Bottom line

Always understand the difference between small and big issues in a relationship. Every relationship is like a roller coaster that faces many ups and downs. It is necessary to understand what you exactly want in life. Analyze if the person is worthy of taking a risk for life. 

Remember time, situations, and people, everything changes after a certain period. Nothing remains the same. If after reading, everything I have mentioned, you seriously don’t want the person in your life, then go ahead and break up. 

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