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How To Find Happiness In Life? (19 Tips)

Everything in our life is connected. Just Like earth has gravity, our emotions also have the power to attract things towards us. Today we will discuss the necessary part of life without which life is no mean, i.e., how to find happiness in life.

 No amount of money, material things, or any person has the power to make us happy if we are not satisfied inside. People always try to find happiness in their life but in the wrong way. Above mentioned things may make you joyful to some extent. But, after a certain period, these things may stop giving you happiness. So, what will you do in that case? 

This way, you will never be happy in life. So, what are the exact ways to stay happy?

Let me share some tips that may be beneficial to you to find happiness.

How to find happiness

Wish Best For Others And Yourself.

I have met such people in life. Who are positive about their life but always think negatively about others. They cannot digest the success of other people. Understand the fact that, while thinking negatively about others, you are giving energy to the universe, which will eventually come back to you. So, eternally wish the best for others.

Be With Someone Who Makes You Smile.

Depending on others for your happiness is not a good thing, but there is no doubt that it is healthy to spend some time with a person who makes you smile. When you are with someone who keeps you happy and makes you smile, for that moment, you forget the shortcomings of your life and live a happy moment that you will cherish in the future. 

how to find happiness in life

Remember, stay with them to make memories, and do not depend on them for your happiness.

Find A Purpose In Life.

While you go on a trip or go to a place for the first time, do you just randomly wander hoping that you will reach your destination, or you ask people about the right direction that leads towards your destination, or you follow the map online? You follow the later one. We all do that. In the same way, life without a purpose is like having so many roads in front and choosing a random path to walk because you don’t know where all the routes are leading. So, it is necessary to have a purpose in life, to avoid unhappiness caused by choosing the wrong path.

Do Not Ignore Your Heart.

Imagine sacrificing your happiness for the sake of other people. Are you comfortable doing it? There are higher chances that you may say no at the moment. But we all, at some point in time, ignore our hearts and follow society. By doing so, you are giving the button of your happiness in someone’s else hand who hardly matters in our life. So, always follow what your heart says (only if it is not an illegal activity, haha.)

Never Be Afraid Of Change.

We have been facing changes since the day we are born. There are a few changes which we call natural and are not afraid of them, for example, climate change. And many times, we get afraid of changing a job, starting a new business, and many more.

Ever thought why is it that we are scared of some life changes and why we are not afraid of other changes? It is because ever since we are conscious about things in life, we have been told these things by our family or teachers, “climate change is a natural thing, and we should not afraid of it and changing job or starting a business involve risks that one should avoid.”

So, forget whatever you have been taught and understand that change in life itself is a natural process, and we all are going through changes regularly. It is all about our mindset. Change your mindset now and accept the changes with an open arm. It will help you to stay happy in life.

Believe In Good.

When we play with a kid, he does not think that we will drop him. But, he stays happy that we will catch him. So, what we learn from the kid? That irrespective of the situation and the chances of falling, always believe in good things. When we stop staying negative, we start staying happy and spread positive energy

Work On Improving Yourself.

When was the last time when you learned a new thing? I hope it is not a year ago or months ago. When you work on improving yourself on regular basis, you invest your energy into something positive, which brings happiness to life. You have two ways to spend your day, either keep thinking about all the negativity in life or invest all of your free time into learning something new. It can be cooking, learning to play guitar or anything which interests you the most. 

Cherish All The Positive Life Memories.

Imagine having two bundles of paper, one has all the negative stuff, and another has positive. Which one would you like to open? I would like to open a positive one, and I hope you would do the same.

We all have lived enough life that we have positive as well as negative memories of life. It is up to us which memories we like to think about. I would suggest that, cherish all the good memories you have and take all the negative experience as a life lesson. 

Stay Strong.

Neither life is perfect, nor we. We all face an unexpected moment of sorrow in our lives, which makes us weak. But it should not be the case if you want to live a happy life. Always keep this in mind, no matter how bad the situation is, sooner or later, it will pass away. It will make you strong instantly, but gradually it will. 

Help Others/ Be Available For Others.

how to find happiness in life

When you help others, you get an immense amount of pleasure. Have you ever noticed the sparkle in the eyes of the person you have helped ever? Well, I have, and it gives me unmatchable happiness. So, go and start helping your family or friends even, without asking. 

NOTE: Do not ignore yourself, while staying available for others.

Do Not Just Be Busy, Be Productive.

There is a big difference between staying busy and being productive. You can go out, hang out with friends, and call yourself busy. On the other hand, you can join some useful courses, learn new things and stay productive. The choice is yours. Differentiate between both.

Find A Reason To Smile.

Facing a hard day? Find some reason to smile, it can be recalling a sweet memory, calling a friend randomly, doing something that you liked during your school days. Find your happiness yourself. 

Do Not Hold Grudges.

Sometimes it gets hard to forgive people for the mistakes they committed, and it gets harder when they are not even sorry for that. But remember, holding grudges is not harming them, but it is taking away your mental peace which keeps you away from being happy.

Why let people hold a position where they can steal your mental peace? Forgive them now, even without an apology. 

Do More Physical Activities.

Engage yourself in physical activities, be it walking or exercising, yoga, or playing any game which involves a physical moment. Moving your body helps you to stay happier. 

Forgive Yourself.

Forgiving others for their mistakes is much easier than forgiving ourselves for the mistakes we have committed. No one in the world is perfect, neither I nor you. So, it is obvious, that we will make blunders. Irrespective of age, we continue to learn new things in life, till we are alive. And it is a fact that in the process of learning new things, everyone commits some mistakes. It is better to forgive ourselves to live a peaceful and happy life.

Surround Yourself With Inspiring Things.

Be it songs, reading, or watching videos or movies. Surround yourself with such inspiring things that continue to help you grow in life.

how to find happiness in life

When you are inspired to do better things in life, you keep yourself focused on achieving goals, and the more you are focused, the less you stay unhappy.

Do Not Hesitate To Ask For Help.

Sometimes it is hard to do things on your own in that case, do not hesitate to ask for help. It is hard for a few people to ask for help as they like to stay independent. Sometimes their ego does not allow them to ask for help, and they keep on struggling between their ego and struggle. They think they will look weak if they ask for help. But, trust me, the people who love you would be happy to help you. So, never hesitate to ask for help when needed and make your life easy.

Do Not Afraid To Express How You Feel.

Why a kid live a happier life as compared to an adult? Because he cries when he feels like crying, laughs when he is happy, express whatever he sense. But as we grow, we are told that expressing our sorrow is a sign of weakness, but NO, IT IS NOT. Expressing your real emotions shows, how strong you are to accept your feelings, and it let out all the negative thought that steal your happiness. 

Lastly, Ask Yourself.

  • Do you expect much from others?
  • Do you accept who you are?
  • Are you learning new things regularly?

So, these were a few tips on how to find happiness in your life. I hope you find this article useful.

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Tell us in the comment section how you find happiness in life?

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  1. Such fantastic and helpful tips. Applying even a few of these can definitely help someone who’s struggling. Thank you so much for sharing this information.


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