Friendship Quiz

Friendship Quiz

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Welcome to your Friendship Quiz.

We all have friends. In fact, our life is so empty in the absence of a friend. At some point of life, we all need a friend with whom we can share our sorrow and happiness freely.

So, click below to find out, are you a good friend, and are you blessed with good friends in life?

Friendship Quiz

From our childhood days to the end of life, friendship plays a very important role. We all need someone to share our life’s sorrow and happiness in the form of a friend. Many of us are lucky enough to find such friends but not everyone has got such luck.

Questions in the Quiz

Questions in this friendship quiz are easy and very easy to understand. So, play this quiz and find out what kind of friend you are and what type of friend you have got in life.

Answer to the questions

None of the questions are difficult to answer, questions are designed in such a way that it is really easy to answer all of the question. Even if you think you have answered any of the question wrongly, you can click on previous during the quiz and change your answer anytime.


This Quiz is for fun purpose only. It is not proven study. So, do not take the result too serious.

Share with your friends

At the end of the quiz you will get social share icons. You can share your results with your friends. Enjoy!

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