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Pre-Holi hair care: Don’t ruin your hair on Holi, do these 5 things before playing with colors.

Pre-Holi hair care: Don’t ruin your hair on Holi, do these 5 things before playing with colors. Pre-Holi hair care: The use of chemical colors and gulal on Holi has a very bad effect on the skin as well as the hair. Usage of gulal creates various hair problems. Therefore, those problems can be avoided by adopting some methods before Holi.

Holi 2022: Holi is such a festival, which everyone waits for the whole year. On this festival of colors, everyone forgets the conflicts and differences and celebrates this festival. There is a lot of importance of color and gulal on this festival. Admittedly, the use of solid colors for playing Holi has reduced, but even raw colors can be very dangerous for the hair and skin.

It is so much fun to play Holi with colors that, no one cares about the consequences of using color on their hair and skin. But if some hair care is done before Holi, then the damage caused by colors to the hair can be reduced. So let’s talk about the tips which can be beneficial for hair and skin.

Pre-Holi hair care: Do these 5 things before playing with colors.

Get rid of the split-ends

To take care of your hair for Holi, first of all get the ends of the hair cut. In fact, synthetic colors can make your hair dry and cause split ends. Therefore, a few days before Holi, get the ends of the hair cut, so that you can take good care of them.

Do deep conditioner

Conditioners provide more protection to the hair. So do not forget to condition the hair at the starting itself. Leave the conditioner on your hair for at least 10 minutes, but take care that the conditioner does not get into the roots of the hair, as it may cause hair loss. Wash the hair after 10 minutes. After that dry your hair well.


Wash your hair

It is necessary to wash your hair before applying oil in the morning on the day of Holi. For this, you can wash your hair well the night before. By doing this the hair will get a lot of protection. If washing your hair the night before the Holi, condition them at the same time. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner before going to play Holi.


Applying oil to the hair before playing Holi prevents the color from entering the hair roots, and when you wash the hair color after Holi, the hair does not break down. So, to prevent hair fall, massage the scalp thoroughly. Use an oil that is suitable for your hair. This gives a layer to the hair, which protects your hair.

Cover your hair

Once you have applied oil to your hair, the best solution is to cover the hair after that. The best way to cover your hair is to tie a scarf or a cap on your head. Women should also avoid keeping the hair open, instead keep the hair bun or make a tight ponytail.

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