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Exercise for hair growth.

Exercise for hair growth: Hair can come on the head of bald people. Just do these 6 exercises daily. Exercise for hair growth: Hair fall is a very common problem. In today’s time, the problem of hair fall is being seen in both young men and women. People adopt many methods to reduce hair-related problems.

Some reports suggest that certain exercises can help in preventing hair loss. But along with exercise, it is important to pay attention to other factors as well.

There is a problem of hair loss even in young people, some exercises can help in preventing hair fall and helps in hair growth, along with exercise, other factors have to be taken care of.

Everyone likes long, dark, and wavy hair. According to a 2018 study by Dr. Christina Marie P. Paul of Chennai, hair fall was found in 60.3% of men, dandruff in 17.1 percent of men, and baldness in 50.4 percent of men. People from Chennai were included in this study. Pollution, dust, wrong eating habits, bad lifestyle, excessive use of chemical products, stress, etc. can be the main cause of hair loss. All these factors can lead to problems like hair fall, dandruff, split ends, and unhealthy hair.

Most people adopt several methods to reduce the problem of hair fall. Some reports suggest that doing workouts not only keeps the body healthy but can also help in hair growth. If you also want to boost up your hair growth or want to get rid of hair fall, then you can include the below-mentioned exercises in your daily routine.


Exercise for hair growth


Jogging is a cardiovascular exercise, due to which the blood circulation remains fine. If someone wakes up in the morning and goes jogging, then his blood circulation can improve, which can cause hair growth. Some experts recommend jogging for 30 minutes to increase blood circulation in the head.

High-Intensity International Training

High-intensity interval training is done by combining cardio and strength training. It requires a lot of strength. If you include it in your daily routine, then it can be of great benefit to hair growth. The high-intensity international training mentioned below can be done for hair growth.

  • Burpee
  • Squat
  • Crunches
  • Push-ups
  • Jumping jack
  • Mountain climbing

Do these exercises continuously for 30 seconds. Take 10 seconds rest after every exercise. If you do all the exercises once, there will be 1 set. Similarly do 3 sets of all the exercises.

Strength Training

If you do not want to do high-intensity exercise, then you can do weight training by going to the gym. Doing weight training or strength training can increase blood circulation, which can help with hair growth. In strength training, you can do exercises like bench press, squat, deadlift.


Cardio exercise is said to be very beneficial for promoting hair growth, as it can improve blood circulation in the body as well as in the head. In cardio exercise, running, cycling, walking, etc. can be done.

Standing Fold Pose

Standing fold pose can prove to be very beneficial for hair growth. This pose can go a long way in reducing stress and anxiety. According to research, stress is the main cause of hair problems. Therefore hair growth can be promoted by reducing stress with the standing fold pose.

Scalp massage

Massage the head to increase blood circulation on the scalp. This can help a lot in hair growth. Use natural oil for massage.

At the end

Hair growth, hair fall, graying, or dandruff cannot be corrected just by exercising. For hair growth, things like a protein-rich diet, vitamin-mineral intake, good lifestyle, distance from pollution, less stress, less use of chemical products, etc. have to be taken care of. The right balance of all these factors promotes hair growth.
For more information, contact a dermatologist and adopt anything only after taking their advice.

(Disclaimer: We are not claiming to increase hair growth or stop hair fall through exercise in this article. Many factors are responsible for these. So definitely consult a dermatologist.

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