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How To Be A Good Parent?- Parenting Tips

Parenting is never easy. It is a combination of confusion, tiredness, excitement, and the world’s best happiness. So, in today’s topic, I am going to share some helpful parenting tips.

So, before we talk about parenting tips. first we will talk about what makes a person a good parent?

A good parent is not supposed to be perfect. We all know, no one in the world is perfect. No kid is perfect either. So, a good parent always aims to make a decision that is best for the child. 

REMEMBER: A successful parenting does not demand to be perfect and also does not ask you to leave your goal behind and lose yourself in the process of raising your kids. 

It might be hard to follow all the tips that I am going to mention, maybe no one can do all of the mentioned tips all the time. But even if you do a few of them, it will be great.

Parenting Tips

Control your emotions

The very first thing you are supposed to do is, calm yourself and your emotions. There are many situations as a parent when you may lose your temper, i.e., not doing good at school, bad grades, not obeying you, tantrums in eating. But no matter how difficult the situations seem, take a long breath, calm yourself, control your emotions, and deal with the situation peacefully.

Do not rush things

Many parents have a habit of instructing kids. From telling them to go to the bed or asking them to study instantly. I would suggest that DO NOT RUSH things, live in the moment and go to them, talk to them for a while, and then politely tell them to do what you want. It will make your kids more cooperative.

Never block the conversation

Many times a kid tells a parent about things they like or don’t like. Never shut the conversation by yelling at them or forcing them to do the things they don’t want to do or are least interested in. It will make them feel that you are not interested in knowing their likes or dislikes. Instead of shutting down the conversation, always be open up to talk about whatever crosses their mind. It will make them feel safer around you.

Spend maximum possible time with them

Remember, your kid won’t remain a child forever. Yes, maybe for you, but once he/she becomes an adult, they will be so busy with their lives that you will hardly get time to spend with them. So, spend the maximum time with your kid when they are still young, make the best memories, because that is what they and you will remember for the rest of life.

Walk into their shoes

Every parent faces such a situation where their kid demands something that a parent does not agree with. Be it asking for something to buy, staying with friends at their house. I would suggest that before getting irritated with their demands, think about your childhood days once, where you wanted such things from your parents and your parents denied the same way you are denying your kids. Remember how you felt that time? Exactly, you are giving them the same feeling. It is better sometimes to decide by placing yourself in their place.

Improve their eating habits

Habits that are developed during childhood days, often continue till adulthood. So, always try to feed your kid healthy food from a young age. Try to give them fruits instead of feeding them junk food. There are higher chances, once a habit of eating nutritiously is developed, they will continue to eat it a life long. 

Never miss family time daily

Be it playing or having dinner together. Always fix a time or some task that your whole family will do as a team together. It will help you to build a strong bond with your kid as a family, and it will also help siblings become closer to each other.

Have fun moments with them

Tell your kid jokes and make them laugh anyway. A family who laughs together stays together. It will help you to make your kid’s life happiest, and it will also bring positivity in the house.

Involve yourself in their study

Involving yourself in their study does not mean doing their homework. Instead, it means helping your child to excel in their academics. Make sure your kids have completed their homework. If they are facing any problem help them. Talk to them about their test and exams. Make them prepared for the same.

Appreciate them

It is important to appreciate your child to build their self-confidence. Praise them and reward them for everything they do good. Celebrate their achievements.

Never shout at them

Never shout at your kids. Shouting at your kids would mentally hard your child. It will also damage their self-esteem and confidence.

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Try to make them independent

Stop doing everything for your kid. It will make them more dependent on you, and it will cause a problem later on in their life. I am not asking you to start from the big task, but asking them to do a little task independently will be a great idea to start with.

Remember communication is the key

whenever you say “no” to your kid for something. Always explain to them a reason why. It will make your denial valuable and respected. “no” without a proper explanation would leave the kids wondering about your motive and might seem misunderstanding. 

Be clear with your expectations in front of them

If there is a problem, express it, and encourage your kid to work on a solution with you. Make sure to add outcomes. Make suggestions and offer options. Stay open to your child’s suggestions. Negotiate. Kids who cooperate in choices are more motivated to follow them.

Exercise kind and positive parenting

Teach your kid what is right and wrong for them. Teach them that setting limits and being constant is necessary for good discipline.

Always be kind while applying these rules. Always try to find out the reason for your kid’s bad behavior and convert it into an opportunity to make them learn new things for the future rather than punishing them. Give them a positive experience in life. Solve all the problems with your kid with a positive attitude.

Have a supportive and accepting nature

Some parents are so strict that a kid most of the time is afraid to share his/her problem with the parent. Many times it pushes kids to go out for support. Never carry such an attitude if you don’t want your kids to go to someone else to share their problems. Always be supportive and carry an accepting nature. It will make your kid understand that no matter what happens in life, you will always be there for them and they will come to you whenever they face a problem.

Take care of your well-being 

There is no doubt in saying that parents too need rest. So, always consider your well-being. Many times while being a parent, we don’t get so much time to take proper care of ourselves that our mental health starts getting affected and it starts affecting our other relations too. Before these issues get huge, start taking good care of yourself. 


There is no doubt in saying parenting is a difficult task. But, it is also pleasant if taken proper care of and followed the above-mentioned parenting tips. No one in the world is the perfect parent. Everyone, every day try to give their best as a parent. 

Moreover, I would suggest as a parent, do not just focus on raising a kid who is good in academics, but also raise a kid who builds a good character, who understand and explore themselves in the best possible way. Make them understand the value of feelings, happiness, relations over materialistic things. 

parenting tips

Never give up on your kid. All the problems can be solved with patience and proper support. 

So, these were few parenting tips.

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I am curious to know your parenting tips, so without any delay tell me in the comment section, what is the best parenting tip you would like to share.

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