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Albert Einstein was a great scientist and Theoretical Physicist. Let us introduce you to the life story of Albert Einstein.

The Early Life of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879 in a small town called Ulk, Germany. His father’s name was Hermann Einstein and his mother’s name was Paulin. Pauline loved her son very much and never took him away from her. When Albert was three years old, a problem arose that Einstein did not speak. Generally, three-year-olds learn to speak by fiddling. Still, his mother did not lose hope and taught him to play the piano.

Albert Einstein was a quiet and shy child in childhood and had no friends. He did not like to play even with the children living in his neighborhood. Albert’s parents started living in Munich. Children used to mimic the army parade on the streets of Munich, while Albert used to cry on seeing the soldiers. At that time, all the other children used to talk about becoming soldiers, but he had no interest in becoming a soldier.

When Albert Einstein was five years old and on his birthday his parents gifted him a magnetic compass, he was very happy to see that. The needle of that magnetic compass used to stay towards the north direction and many questions used to come to his mind, like how and why it happens. Albert was intelligent from childhood, but he did not keep pace with the teachers because they used to teach rote learning.

Albert was not a Christian, because of which Christian boys used to bother him in school, and he used to feel lonely. He had only one friend during his childhood, named Max Temle, with whom he used to talk his heart out and kept asking thoughtful questions. One day, Albert asked Max, “How does the universe work” and Max did not have an answer to that question. In this way, since childhood, he was very interested in ethics.

Albert’s uncle Jacob was an engineer who raised an interest in mathematics in Albert Einstein’s mind. He taught him that whenever you want to find something unknown in algebra, he can consider it as an X in algebra and keep searching for it until you find it.

When Albert turned 15, his father had problems in his business, due to which he had to stop the business. Then his parents got him enrolled in the Gymnasium School and went to another city in search of a job.

After his parents left, Albert Einstein remained depressed and did not pay attention to his studies, so he too went to his family in Italy. He spent a very pleasant time in Italy, then at the age of sixteen Albert got enrolled in a school in Switzerland. It was here that he started showing a keen interest in physics and he also met qualified teachers. That’s where he discovered the theory of relativity. Albert received a bachelor’s degree from Zurich.

Albert Einstein As A Teacher

After taking a bachelor’s degree, he thought of teaching students but initially did not get a job because of Albert’s greater knowledge. In 1902, Albert Einstein got a temporary job in Bern city of Switzerland. Now he got a lot of time to write and publish his research articles. He started working hard to get a doctorate and eventually got a doctorate.

Albert Einstein As Scientist

At the University of Zurich, he got appointed as a Professor and people started considering him a great scientist. In 1905, at the age of 26, he introduced the theory of specialism which made him world-famous. He wrote only four articles on this subject which changed the face of physics.

The famous equation of this theory is E = mc2, due to which the atomic bomb could be formed. Due to this, the foundation of the electric eye was laid. With the help of this research sound film and TV could be possible. Einstein received the world-famous Nobel Prize for this discovery.

The whole world started praising Albert Einstein. Despite all his success, he always lived humbly. Einstein believed in world peace and equality, that is why he was called a great man. Einstein suffered the most in his life when the atomic bomb was later invented due to his scientific inventions, which destroyed cities like Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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Marriage Life of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was married in 1903 to Milva Marich O. He had two sons Albert and Edui born here. Even before Einstein’s marriage, Einstein had a daughter, who was adopted by Einstein but died in her childhood. He got divorced from Marich on 14 February 1919 and in the same year he got married to another. His second wife’s name was Elsa, but she too passed away in 1936. Although he was least interested in his family life and spent most of his time in his scientific research.

Death of Albert Einstein

On 18 April 1955, the great scientist Albert Einstein died in the city of New Jersey, USA. He continued to work till the end of his life, he had dedicated his life to the good of humanity. Despite all this, he could not become anyone’s close friend because his goal was always to understand the world. His mind was studied after his death due to the genius of Einstein but no special facts were not found.

Some Quotes By Albert Einstein

We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking we used when we created them.

The only source of knowledge is experience.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Once you stop learning, you start dying.

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