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Charlie Chaplin was an actor and filmmaker who made the whole world laugh without uttering a word. When it comes to the world’s first comedians, Charlie Chaplin’s name comes first to mind. He spread shades of humor with his acting. Charlie Chaplin worked for more than 75 years in his life. Let us introduce you to the life story of Charlie Chaplin.

Early Life Of Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was born on 16 April 1889 in London. His full name was Spencer Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin’s father’s name was Charles Chaplin and his mother’s name was Hana. When Charlie Chaplin’s father married Hana she was already the mother of a child. Charlie’s father worked as a singer in a concert hall and Hana used to sing along with him. He could not make so much money from these concerts that he could spend his life in comfort. From these stage programs, they would get only two meals a day. At that time, the popularity of stage concert programs was due to the non-introduction of radio and TV.

It was common for the audience to drink alcohol during these concerts, and Chaplin’s father also got addicted to alcohol. He then started getting away from his family due to alcohol, because of which the mother of Charlie Chaplin also started making new friends. Hana befriends a man named Dryden and from whom Hana had a son, Georg. Now Leo Dryden starts helping Hana’s family. Hanna’s relationship with Charles was over, at that time Charlie was only three years old. One day Leo Dryden came home and took his child Georg Koo with him and broke up with Hana.

Now Hana’s life was ruined and there was no one to help her. Hana started working in the church taking the support of religious activities for peace of mind. But she could not earn so much income. Now she thought of performing at the concert again, but by that time her voice was not good enough. During the concert, the public protested against the singing of Hana. So, the manager took the little Charlie and brought him to the theater. Charlie Chaplin was only five years old at the time and when people saw him, people started laughing loudly. Now he saw his parents singing, so he also started singing.

Everyone liked Charlie Chaplin’s song and people started throwing money. The public asked Charlie to sing another song, then Charlie said, “Let me pick up the coins lying on the stage, and then I will sing the song”. On hearing this, the public started laughing loudly. Now Charlie started singing again and the public started singing to his songs. This was the first start for Charlie in the recreational area. After this, Hana did not get a chance to sing. She did not even have much money to provide good food and clothes to her children.

Charlie’s elder brother started selling Sydney newspapers to make some money. One day Sydney got a wallet full of reggae due to which they spent a day celebrating. Hana’s condition was getting weaker. Because of this, she had to be hospitalized. Sydney had gone to the orphanage and was handed over to his father Charles. Charlie was also sent to his relatives to be admitted to the school. After the recovery of Hana, all the boys came back home, but again due to a headache disease, Hana had to be hospitalized.

Charlie Chaplin’s father was in good financial condition, but he did not pay for the children’s expenses. Due to the inability of the father and mother to nurture, the authorities had got both brothers enrolled in a law school. At that time Charlie was 7 years old and Sydney was 11. Sydney was like a father to his younger brother who was always with him in his grief. Once, Charlie had to shave his head due to a rash on his head, which made the other kids make fun of him and considered him inferior. He did not give up even in many such adverse circumstances.

Now after studying in school for 18 months, both of them again came back to their mother, but then due to poverty, they had to come back to school. While in school, both of the brothers got the news that their mother had gone insane. So, both of them were sent to their father. Charles’s father used to drink a lot, due to which he died after two years. On the other hand, Charlie Chaplin’s mother became well again, so Charlie and his brother returned to live with their mother. After this, his mother was fine for a few years. After some time she had a stroke of insanity which lasted till the end of her life in 1928.

Charlie As A Young Performer

Due to the death of the father and the illness of the mother. Charlie was completely orphaned and he had to do some work for finance. Charlie Chaplin had learned stage performance from his mother. Because of this, he was taken to a children’s dance troupe called “Lancashire Lands”. The owner of this circle was named Jackson, who was a very kind person. Now in 1899 and 1900, Charlie was going to a concert with Jackson’s troupe. Charlie Chaplin worked hard but he was not able to attract the public with his dance because he loved to act in comedy from the beginning.

Then he had made his debut in the acting world but after two years his tenure in that circle came to an end. Again, when Charlie faced an employment problem, he started making bouquets of flowers and selling them outside the bars, but in the direction of his mother, he also left this job because she did not want him to go to the liquor and get addicted to alcohol. After this, he worked as a servant in many places, which used to get some money. When Charlie’s mother was mad, Sydney went out to earn money. Therefore, all the responsibility had come to Charlie to feed himself.

Now Charlie was 14 years old and one day he was offered to work in the drama Saintsberry’s A Romance of Cockayne. The play was performed in 1903 but it was not very successful and it was closed in 2 weeks Charlie’s performance in the play was highly appreciated, which led to him permanently playing the role of Billy in the play, Sherlock Holmes. His acting was so praised that he got an opportunity to act with the real Holmes. He worked in this drama for about two and a half years, after which he left this drama.

Turning Point in Charlie’s Life

In 1910, Charlie traveled to the US and gained experience in the thrilling film industry. It was in America that he was to develop the character of his first famous characters such as Trump – the trademark Charlie Chaplin’s bowler hat, mustache, and ill-fitting clothes. It was with this character that Charlie Chaplin became the great star of the silent era, and his popularity spread throughout the world.

Charlie Chaplin gained tremendous popularity at the time. Charlie was the producer, writer, and director of all his films himself. He was a very great and very devoted person for his work and used to inspire his fellow actors as well for this, for this he got his actors to do a shoot up to 100 times. He used to work hard on scripts.

Some of his great and famous films include – City Lights (1931) and The Great Dictator (1940). The Great Dictator was a satirical film on the patriarch dictators of Hitler and Mussolini. Chaplin himself played two roles in it – one of which was a Jewish barber who was discriminated against. Along with this, he played the role of “Adenoid Hinkel – a clear parody of Tomiana dictator Adolf Hitler.”

The film was made a year before entering the war against Germany, when anti-Semitism was affected in the US, at the time it was controversial. Despite Hitler’s irony in the film, Chaplin publicly refused to support the war effort in 1942 – leading officials to doubt his political leanings.


Charlie Chaplin was eventually awarded the Oscar for film music in 1972. He was awarded the longest-standing greeting in history by the public for this Oscar award. The award was received five years after Chaplin’s last film, A Countess from Hong Kong (1967), the filmmaker’s first and only color film. Despite the cast of Sophia Lauren and Marlon Brando in this film, the film failed to do anything amazing at the box office. When he was awarded the title of Knight by Queen Elizabeth in 1975.

Early on Christmas day of 25 December 1977, Charlie Chaplin died at his home in Vaud Corsier-Sur-Wavey, Switzerland. He was accompanied by his wife Una and his seven children during his last time.

So, friends, this was the life story of Charlie Chaplin. I hope you liked reading it.

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