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How to prevent muscle strength loss while dieting?

How to prevent muscle strength loss while dieting? Do not lose muscle and strength due to dieting. Learn from experts the right way to lose weight Dieting Tips. To avoid muscle loss during dieting, you need to take special care of some things, know here 5 such things. We all want to be fit and have a healthy and stunning body. For this, we follow everything, from different types of diet to exercise. Also, many of us follow a diet chart to lose weight. (How to prevent muscle strength loss while dieting?)

It is often seen that when people are dieting, instead of losing weight, their muscles start decreasing, as well as the strength of the body starts decreasing.

Not many people know that while dieting, you need to take special care of a few things. According to some fitness experts if you are dieting incorrectly, then even though you may feel that you are losing weight, but in reality, it is not weight loss but muscle loss.

Losing weight like this only harms your health. Now the question is, what things should you keep in mind during dieting so that your muscle and strength loss does not happen? Don’t worry, in this article, we will tell you the Tips To Prevent Muscle Strength Loss While dieting.


How To Prevent Muscle Strength Loss While Dieting

Don’t Cut Calorie Intake Too Much

The most common mistake most of us make while dieting is consuming too few calories. We start taking a very low-calorie diet from the very beginning. But it is not right to do so. You should not start consuming too low calories suddenly. Ideally, you should just eat a diet that is 300-500 calories less than your regular calories. It is better to lose 0.5-1% of the total body weight weekly. If the amount of fat in your body is high, then you can reduce your calorie intake a little more. But if you are thin then try to lose fat or weight gradually.


Adequate intake of protein

We all know that protein is very important for overall health. Protein also plays an important role in making muscles and bones strong. If you are dieting then you must consume enough protein. Experts recommend consuming 1.6 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight to maintain muscle mass. When you consume fewer calories during dieting, the calorie deficit reduces muscle protein synthesis, which increases the rate at which muscle protein is broken down. As a result, the protein balance in the body gets disturbed which leads to muscle loss.

Do Resistance Training

A high protein diet is only helpful in building muscle or maintaining muscle mass when you do resistance training. If you do not do resistance training with a high protein diet during dieting, then it increases the risk of muscle loss. Resistance training has many benefits and is one of the most important factors in maintaining your muscle mass while dieting.

Keep increasing the weight gradually during the exercise

Another important factor associated with resistance training is the gradual increase in weight during exercise. Make sure you put on weight and get better with it day by day when it comes to different exercises and the weight you lift. You can also keep heavyweights lifted for longer periods, or make sure to increase the weight during reps.

Avoid Too Much Cardio

If you are just doing cardio then it will only damage your muscles. As we have read earlier, resistance training is very important for building muscle while dieting. A combination of cardio and resistance training is beneficial. Don’t overdo cardio, as too much exercise will prevent you from reaping the full benefits of dieting. Try to strike a proper balance between your cardio and resistance training.

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