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Why People Don’t Like Me? (Honest Reasons)

Why People Don’t Like ME? At some point of time in life, we all get rejected by people. But getting rejecting by a few people does not conclude that we are not liked by anyone or a bunch of people. So, this article is not for those people who have been rejected or ignored by a few people. 

If you notice every second person is ignoring you, then there is a huge problem with you. Today in this article, I am going to share some reasons which I think are relevant to why don’t people like you.

Why don’t people like me?

You brag a lot

Once in our lifetime, we all have met someone, who brags a lot. Bragging to a limit that is not easy to notice is fine, but it is annoying when a person starts bragging which is easily noticeable. No one likes to stay around such a person, even I tend to ignore a person who keeps on saying things that are not true and genuine. It makes me feels like I am wasting my time while hearing them. 

You bully others 

Teasing a weak person is not a good sign of humanity. No one likes a person who keeps on bullying others just for the cause of their enjoyment.  

You blame people for your mistakes

In your lifetime, how many times you have accepted your mistakes? I guess, a few! If your nature is to blame others even when it is your mistakes. There are higher chances that people will don’t prefer being with you. No one likes a person who blames others and hesitates in accepting a mistake that s/he committed.

You speak out of limit

Imagine you met someone accidentally on your way while you are going office, you are already late and the person keeps on talking without worrying about you were in the mid of going somewhere. Would not that bother you? Obviously, it will. This is what happens when you speak a lot without realizing that the person must have something more important than listening to your endless talk. 

You cry a lot 

Here crying does not literally means crying with tears. It actually means you keep on complaining about life and your problems. You never appreciate good things in life. All you have are negative things to talk about. Sometimes, people with these personality does not even realize that it is the main problem that why people avoid them. 

I had a friend, who always used to back bitch about people around, always had negative stuff to talk about. Being around her always made me feel so negative and uncomfortable that I used to change my way of seeing her coming my way. Yes, it was bad to ignore her, but it was necessary for my mental peace.

You don’t maintain good personal hygiene

I hate people who have scattered hair, have body odors, bad breath, and do not maintain good personal hygiene. I think not only me, but almost every person on the earth also hate such people who fail to maintain good personal hygiene. This is the basic thing a person needs to maintain, it makes the first impression on anyone you meet. (I hope you do not lie in this category) 

You gossip about others a lot

Gossiping negativity about others consumes so much energy and spreads negativity. Nothing good can comes out of gossiping about others. If you are with people who are like you who love gossiping then it may be fine for you but if you are surrounded by positive people or who hate to talk about others. Then it is the worst thing you can do. There are higher chances that people may see you as a negative person. 

How to deal with negative people?

You have a dominating nature

Do you tell people what they should or what they should not do? Stop doing it! No one likes to be told what action they should take in their life. Everyone has their mindset that they like to follow. 

You have poor listening skills

Everyone in their life needs someone who can understand them and their emotions better. So, if you keep on interrupting people when they are talking or seems uninterested then people will refrain from sharing their things with you.

You are clingy

Do you invite yourself when other groups of people are having fun or making plans? If yes, then you are clingy. We all have our comfort zone in the group of people we hang out with, if you will ask another group to take you along then there are higher chances most of the people are not gonna like your presence as you don’t fall into their comfort zone and you will be labeled as a clingy person.

You are judgmental

Do you always comment on others for how they behave, how they dress up, or with whom they hangout? If yes, then you are a very judgmental person and people hate it. Everyone needs someone who likes to be heard without being judged and if you are a judgmental person then there are higher chances people do not open up with you. 

You are selfish

I had a few people in my life, who called me only when they needed something from me, and disappeared when I asked a favor from them. Everyone wants to stay away from a person who keeps on asking favors and never gives anything in return. Friendship or relations is a two-way street. 

These were a few points which I think are negative and if you want to be liked by people you have to change yourself.

But there are a few points that are not your mistakes and people still don’t like you.

If you have the below-mentioned personality then it is not your problem if people don’t like you.

You have a strong and blunt personality

Accept the fact, not everyone can stand against a strong personality and someone who is blunt. At least the weak people cannot. So, if you are surrounded by weak people there are higher chances that they would not like you or envy you.

You are an independent person

Every independent person gets attracted by someone independent or self-sufficient. If you have someone around you who is dependent on others for his/her living, and basic things then there are high chances that you may get harsh with them which will eventually make them offended by your words. There is nothing wrong with you, as you are independent so you expect everyone else to be independent. 

Sum up: 

Try to change the above-mentioned points and you will notice that others’ will start liking you in no time.

Last but not the least, I hope you like yourself first because you cannot expect a person to like you if you don’t like yourself. Try to be the person you admire.

If you liked my article on why don’t people like me, share it with your friends and share in the comment section if you have any suggestion or things you think that requires changes in the article.

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