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In simple words, motivation is the process that keeps you more focused on your goals and your inner feeling of doing something better in life. It helps you bring out your best version and work more efficiently. Of course, a person can live without motivation. But to live a happy life, a person needs to be motivated regularly. The key to a happy and long life is to keep yourself motivated daily. Motivation in daily life helps people to live more positively. In this article, we will discuss what does motivation means and why is it important?

 But many people have the misconception that motivation is needed an hour or a day

They Fail to Understand Why Motivation Is Important in Daily Life.

Importance Of Motivation

Let us first take an example:

You started your career as a counselor, which you have always loved, but over time you face difficulties of becoming a counselor, which you were not aware of at first. Like, listening to other’s problems and motivating them all the time. You may feel tired and frustrated over time, and its side effects can spoil your career as a counselor, which will eventually affect your personal life.

Imagine the situation if you were being motivated every day (yes, a counselor also needs some motivation to continue). You may start focusing on positive things more than negative, and the level of exhaustion will automatically decrease.

It will eventually help you in becoming a more successful counselor.

Apart from this, There Are Many Other Important Points of Motivation.

  • It helps people to work more efficiently
  • You feel more positive about life 
  • you have a positive attitude
  • Helpful in self-development
  • It helps people take more clear action
  • you will have more patience
  • It encourages people to take care of their health
  • keeps you dedicated towards your work
  • It helps prevent people from focusing on negativity             
  • It helps to improve a person’s relationship
  • A person feels more productive towards his regular life
  • It helps to manage time more efficiently

What Kind of Motivation Helps People Do Better?

Is It Reading a Motivational Quote Daily?

No, a person can feel good after reading a motivational quote, but it will not be long-lasting.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, people are motivated by the following: –

Physiological Needs

Under physiological requirements, the basic things that come up are food, clothing, shelter, etc. which are the basic needs of human beings. Since survival requires food and a home where the person can feel safe, Therefore, it is the basic need that any person would like, and owning them keeps you motivated.

The Need for Safety And Security

In this, there are few things like job security, health care, freedom from danger. Job and good health are required for any person to earn money and meet all physiological needs. Therefore, when a person is in good health and does a job where he is safe. It motivates him in many ways.

The Need to Belong 

Even job security and health satisfy a person to some extent. When we reach a certain level of basic needs, almost all of us want to be accepted by groups, want friends for fun, and needs someone to love and make us feel special and desired.

The Need for Esteem

 The need for a person after finding friends and love is endless. Any person would like to be recognized for his work for the enjoyment of achievements.

 The Need for Self-Actualization 

Self-realization means, a person realizes his potential through self-realization and has the full potential to accomplish his own intended goal.

There are many other theories as well, but I have mentioned one of them because I think it resembles me and many more.

The topic of motivation and need is endless. So, even after meeting all the basic needs, you still feel less motivated.

More Tips To Stay Motivated

Prioritize Your Goal And Focus Primarily On What Matters

Create a list of work you need to do and prioritize them based on their urgency level.  

If Your Goal Is Too Big, Break It In Small Steps To Keep Yourself Motivated

Once you divide your goal into smaller ones, you will get immense pleasure in achieving every smaller goal, which will be beneficial to keep you motivated towards your bigger goal.

Work On Your Confidence Level

You can also work on your confidence level to keep yourself motivated. When you start focusing on yourself, you least focus on things that are negative in your life.

Upgrade Your Skills

Keeping yourself upgraded and advanced is very beneficial when it comes to staying motivated. So, time to time keep a check on yourself.

Think About Your Past Achievements

Whenever you feel low or find it difficult to stay motivated, sit in silence, and think about all the past achievements and struggles you have faced. If you can overcome that, you can overcome anything else in life.

Learn To Stay Focused 

It is fine, to get distracted sometimes. Everybody faces such a situation. Even I get distracted sometimes. But gradually, you will have to learn to stay focused. Remember this quote whenever you get distracted

Your results are the product of either focus or personal distractions. The choice is yours.


Pay Attention To The Reasons For Your Distractions

If you find it hard to stay focus, try to find out the reason for your distractions. It may be relationship problems, negative environment, or many such things. Find a way to overcome all of them. You can overcome anything if you are willing to overcome it. 


There is no doubt that you cannot achieve anything if you are not motivated. But getting motivated regularly is just an add-on value to your life, which works as an energy booster for you.

I Hope You Like Reading My Article On What Does Motivation Means And Why Is It Important. 

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  1. Nazziwa Monica

    What keeps me motivated is that I always want to be focused on my future and want to be near people who have motivation thoughts who can advise me to focus on my goal. But sometimes I find it hard to archive because of people who block me to get motivated.but I try my best to make it.and sometimes my daily needs being a single mother can prevent me from reaching my goal but I never give up.i think one day I will be successful and with the help and advice you give me and people who guide me I will be able to make it.thank you for your advise and thank you so much for your time and guidance.

  2. Nazziwa Monica

    It is a good idea to have motivated people like you to keep me focused.

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