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What Are The Sign Of True Love? (13 signs)

Signs of true love: At some point of time in life, almost everyone in the world wants to know what is true love. Many questions cross in their mind, like, if they are experiencing true love, or is true love even real? Here in this topic, you will know exactly what is true love and what are the signs of true love?

What is love?

If you want to understand what is true love then first you need to understand love. 

Love is a feeling of affection towards someone, you feel attracted by their physical appearance or their nature. You feel bonded or attached to the person. In the absence of emotion of love, you would feel lonely, scared, left alone. 

What is true love?

Is true love different from love? Though it is hard to say the difference, true love is much more than attraction, attachment, or liking someone. 

When you truly love someone, their absence or presence does not matter to you. You feel connected to them from the start and always stay happy around them or while thinking about them. You trust them completely, they become your comfort zone. True love can also be defined as the way you act when they are around. 

Is love at first sight real?

This is the most misunderstood statement, as in my opinion, you cannot fall in love at the first sight. To fall in love with someone you have to know them, understand them, know how they react to particular things, what are their choices, how much they understand you and for sure, these things take time. It does not happen suddenly.

When you have already understood what is true love, let us now directly jump to the signs of true love.

Signs of true love

You ignore their flaws.

Let us first accept the fact that everyone has some flaws, no one in the world is perfect for anyone. But it does not mean that you let them treat you badly in the name of love. There is a difference between a person’s flaws and how they treat you. Ignoring someone’s flaws means, accepting them for who they are, and letting someone treat you bad is abusive. 

(Abuse can be physical, mental, psychological, and torture.)

If someone is treating you badly, do not overlook it by saying that they care. No one in the world has the right to treat you badly and call it true love. So, understand the difference, and never let anyone treat you poorly in the name of true love.

They make you feel good about yourself.

You really cannot love someone if they make you feel bad for who you are. It is fine if they ask you to improve yourself and do better things, but there is a fine line between improvement, and making you feel bad for who you are. Understand the difference.

You encourage him/her to do better.

Many people try to compete with their partners. Many envy others’ success. When you love a person truly, you will never have any wrong or hidden intentions for this person you will encourage your partner to do better in their life. You will always cherish and enjoy their success and achievements.

You don’t want to hide anything from the person you truly love.

People who love each other truly do not intend to hide things. They freely share their secrets because they like to make another person a part of their living. This is also an integral part of a healthy and long-term relationship.

They are above all on your priority list.

No matter how busy you are or what you are doing, you will leave everything if they need you. Nothing in the world can beat them on your priority list.

signs of true love


You cannot think of playing with this person’s feelings. Your intentions are pure, selfless, and you want to give this person all the possible happiness in the world. Their smile means a lot to you, and you will do all the stupid things to make them smile. Making them happy or seeing them smiling is an unmatchable experience for you. 

You respect each other.

If you are in true love with the person, you will respect them always for what they do and how they handle things. You will treat them right and equally and would hope to receive the same.

You can look into their soul.

No matter how filmy it may sounds, but it is easy for you to look at their soul just by looking into their eyes. True love is all about noticing every small thing about another person. It is not hard for you to understand how they are feeling just by the way they reply to your text or answer your call. You know when they are in pain, frustrated, or angry.  

You care about each other.

When you love someone truly, you would not force yourself to care for someone, you will do it naturally. Be it their health or their happiness, you will always keep in mind that they are in good condition. You will always be there to support him/her whenever needed. You will always make efforts not to give them stress, or make them feel bad for what they are doing. You will make sure you are always there whenever they need someone to talk to.

You don’t force yourself to love them.

I have met a few people, who say that they sometimes have to force themselves to love their partner. But it is not the case of true love, because no matter what happens in life, you will always love this person with all the ups and downs. Irrespective of the situation, your love for them will always remain the same. (It will be so smooth that you would never force yourself to love this person.)

Their happiness makes you feel good.

Yes, it happens when you love someone truly. Your mood will always be affected by their mood. Either they are angry, sad, or happy, you will stay affected. A smile on their face will bring a smile to your face. 

You keep promises.

We all break promises, but when it comes to someone we love truly, we always give our best to keep promises. It is a human tendency. Keeping our promises indirectly is related to trust and at no cost, we want to break the trust of the person we love.

You continuously work on making your relation better.

When you love someone truly, you stay dedicated towards them, and always work on making your relation better. You are always ready to compromise to make another person happy, you adjust, bring yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Are you experiencing true love?

If you can relate to most of the mentioned signs, then there are higher chances that you are already in true love with the person. 

True love is not easy to find, but at the same time, it is not impossible. 

Loving someone truly is all about, meeting other persons’ expectations, trusting them, accepting them for who they are, and supporting each other when needed. Also, giving respect.

Ever experienced the feeling of loving someone truly? Share your experience with me in the comment section, I would love to hear your story.

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Thank you.

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