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How To Handle Office Politics? (8 simple ways)

Office politics can generate a tiresome job environment. When office politics goes out of control, it can create a toxic work environment. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, I will share with you tips about how to handle office politics, do not matter what kind of politics are in your office.

Before we read about how to deal with office politics, let us first discuss What are office politics?

Office politics is defined as the actions or behavior that are used to stay in power/authority. Every person in the office is either liked or disliked by other people, and those mixed relationships with each other, create a political culture.

In many offices, some colleagues are inadequate to complete a task. And even if they stick to the office in any way, that too only because of office politics.

If you also work in the office, then you might have faced such people. It is difficult to get rid of such people. And the bad thing is you cannot change them according to your way.

Competition and envy are ordinary where people try to show themselves strong. It is up to you how you ignore it move forward.

Let us now discuss tips about how to handle office politics.

How To Handle Office Politics

Play Fair

Always learn to play fair in the office and think before you speak, anything negative about other people. Because there are many small groups in the office, and if you spit out something negative about your colleagues, it will spread in the office like fire, and unknowingly you will be involved in office politics. It is better that you do not participate in the office gossip at all. So, it is better to keep yourself away from such people who gossip about others and always maintain a line.

Keep Yourself Calm

Many situations make us panic, and we lose our self-control. In such a situation always try to keep yourself calm. Whenever you panic or start losing control, leave the office for a while and take some fresh air.

Always Focus On Your Output

Focus on your output, the most important thing in the office is work. Many times people are not able to give importance to their work as much as they should be by being trapped in the circle of others’ gossip. Your promotion depends only on your output. Always try to give your best.

Do Not Trust Anyone

Your subordinates may show that they are your best friends. But you should always apply a golden rule, and that is to treat each person as equal and do not make close friends in the office. Talk to your co-workers only about your work-related and general interests.

Keep Your Focus Clear

You may avoid politics initially, but with time everyone has to face some issues that get hard to avoid. To avoid such issues in the office, always keep your focus clear that where you want to see yourself in the future and why did you joined this company. whenever you face such a situation, always remind yourself, it would not matter at all once you leave the office.

Avoid Taking Sides

There are higher chances that you may get stuck in between two senior people, who are against each other. In such a situation, remember that your objective is to get the job done. Their clash is not your problem. Avoid taking the side of a single person, even if one of them is your favorite. If you cannot get them to agree on a single decision, make communication more constructive by sitting together with both the parties. Sitting together will help you to find a common solution.

Always Keep Check On Your Anger

It is common to get angry with people in the office. There will come a time when you would want to burst out loudly on people. But, never do that. People never forget the moments when they were insulted. You may feel good for a while when you will speak out your heart, but you never know when you will need help from the same person, and you might fall in trouble later.

Have Friends Outside The Office

Everyone needs someone in life with whom they can share their problems. But, always avoid sharing your life problems with friends in the office. I have seen people making use of your downtime in the office for their benefits. So, always make friends who do not belong to the office. You can always share your life as well as office problems with them.

There is no need to be scared of office politics. Top performers are those who have learned the art of winning in office diplomacies.

So, here were a few points that may help you to overcome office politics. Tell us in the comment section how you deal with office politics. If you liked reading my article, subscribe to our newsletter for free.


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