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  • The development of the brain of a human is till the age of 40 years.
  • There is an increased risk of brain tumors in people who use mobile more.
  • It is also good to be a little forgetful, this increases the brain’s ability to remember.
  • Due to fights in the houses, the mind of the children has the same effect as the war on the soldiers.
  • The brain can never have pain because the brain does not have pain receptors.
  • We do not get actual sleep by taking a sleeping pill because our brain goes into a coma-like state by taking a sleeping pill.
  • Memory accumulation in the brain stops after drinking alcohol.
  • The brain keeps working even while sleeping.
  • The mind can never be full, its storage capacity is unlimited.
  • Doing a lot of work at the same time reduces brain capacity.
  • The human mind is becoming smaller with time. Today, 10 – 20 thousand years ago, the mind of the people was like a tennis ball.
  • Sperm Whales have the largest brains (17 pounds).
  • Einstein’s brain was 10% smaller than the normal human brain, although his brain had higher Neuron Density than the normal brain.
  • The brain of men is 10% larger than that of women.
  • There are more than 1 lakh chemical reactions in the brain every second and our brain works according to these chemicals.
  • In the normal mind, more than 50 thousand thoughts come out of which 70% of thoughts are negative.
  • Our brain can generate 12-25 watts of electricity.
  • The information in the mind moves from here to there at a speed of 268 miles per hour.
  • 80% of the brain size of a two-year-old child has developed.
  • There are a total of 86 billion cells in the brain.
  • Brain weight is 2% of body weight.
  • If you do not get oxygen for 5 minutes, then your brain will be Damaged.
  • The brain alone uses 20% of the body’s energy.
  • The brain shrinks after continuously sweating for 90 minutes.
  • Children have more brain development while reading and speaking.
  • Research has shown that men and women have different brains.
  • Children’s brain is reduced by watching TV because the brain is used less while watching TV. Children’s mind is disturbed by reading and listening to more stories.
  • The brain of a human is so soft that you can also cut it with a butter knife.
  • Twenty-five percent of the body’s cholesterol remains in the brain. Cholesterol is an integral part of every brain cell. Without enough cholesterol, brain cells die
  • Every minute, 750–1000 ml of blood flow from the brain. This is enough to fill a liter bottle of soda or wine.
  • Brain takes 13 milliseconds to process any image seen by our eyes – this is less than blinking our eyes
  • Our memory changes over time. Our emotions, motivation, signals, context, and frequency of use affect our memory
  • The human brain is divided into two parts called the right hemispheres and the left hemispheres. A fun fact is that the left side of our brain controls the right side of our body, while the right side of our brain controls the left side of the body.
  • The more deeply you think, your brain uses up to 50% of oxygen and blood.
  • Brain cells can only survive on oxygen and glucose.

Here were few interesting facts about brain. I hope you liked it.

Know any brain fact? Let us know in the comment section.

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