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5 questions you must ask yourself whenever you feel depressed.

5 questions you must ask yourself whenever you feel depressed. Depression is rapidly engulfing the whole world. If it is affecting you or someone you know, then 5 questions you must ask yourself. These are the questions that will help you get rid of depression. These are the questions that will make you sense the feelings of despair and then feel better. These are the questions that will help you to leave depression and live life freely,

5 questions you must ask yourself whenever you feel depressed

What am I doing for my health?

Ask yourself what you are doing for your health even after facing so many problems. Have you wasted your time just by getting carried away by emotions? Or even after consulting with the doctor, you did not improve. When you will think about it, you will focus more on getting rid of depression rather than focusing on the problem.

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Do I make time to have fun in life?

How often do you give yourself time to have fun that makes you happy and change your mind? For example, watching a movie with friends or family, or hanging out with friends. If your answer to the question is never, then start doing it.
Having fun in life is so much important in this stressful life.

Am I letting go of the past?

Is your mind stuck in past? IF yes, then you need to improve that too. You have to find ways to get rid of the past so that you can move on. When you live amid old life stories, it becomes really difficult to move forward in life.

Who can help me in bad times?

There is at least one person in every person’s life who is ready to help in bad times. Is there anyone like this in your life? If not, find him/her. This person can lift you up in your bad times.

How was I before the Depression?

What kind of person were you before the Depression? What do you use to do? How happy were you? Answering all these questions will help you to bring happiness back in life. You will be able to remember the days in which you lived freely. When you will miss those days, you will think of going back to those days.


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