Reason, symptoms, and treatment of emotional blunting.


Emotional ups and downs in a person’s life are considered normal. Everyone’s way of expressing their feelings may be different because everyone has different types of emotions.

What is emotional blunting?

Emotional blunting is such a mental problem that makes any person emotionally blunt. A person who goes through all kinds of emotions but is unable to express that feeling.

Reasons for emotional blunting:

There is no exact cause for the problem of emotional blunting. This problem occurs in people due to a variety of mental conditions and lifestyles.

High stress and anxiety

Symptoms of emotional blunting can be seen in a person suffering from high stress and anxiety.

Taking Antidepressant Medications

In some people, the problem of emotional blunting can be due to the antidepressant drugs used in stress and depression.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

A person suffering from this problem also has to face situations like flashback trauma, due to which the emotional capacity of the person gets weakened.

severe migraine

The problem of migraine can also make a person emotionally blunt or inactive. Symptoms of emotional blunting can be seen in people suffering from severe migraine problems.


If the problem of emotional blunting is in any person for a long time or if the person is showing severe symptoms, then he should seek the advice of an expert and licensed psychotherapist.