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Rainbow of Death


It is a drug that was look like candy out of the candy park but it is a deadly drug that can harm children.

What is Rainbow fentanyl

it was seized by Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force agents on September 16 2022 in multicolored M-30 pills that looks like candy.

Where it is first found in search

How it is diffrent

These are the multicolored candy type pills all the before seized pills were in blue color.

Warning issued

Drug Enforcement Administration has issued warning to general public in the August because these pills target the young ones.

Amount of fentanyl

In these multicolored pills no one knows how much quantity it contains. so its better to avoid it whatever the shape and color the come.

How much quantity seized

In southern Minnesota only more than 4000 pills has been seized as compared to 12 pills found in 2021.

What  ahead Next.

As we have seen the increase in the pills from 12 from 2021 to 4000 in just span of 10 months, its getting out of hand.