Paid Gaming apps Legit or Scam


Swagbucks and Mistplay are the online app that will actually pay you cash to play mobile games. And yes, some of these paid gaming apps are legit, and you will likely only earn maximum $2 per hour.

What are paid gaming apps?

Paid gaming apps is a term that describe those apps which will pay you in real money while you play game or taking surveys on the apps.

How do paid gaming apps work?

These app does not pay cash directly but you can generate coins with in the apps and can redeemed for different gift cards, PayPal or any other cash equivalents.

Why do apps pay you to play games or take surveys?

There are different way, in which these apps generate revenue. Some like Mistplay, charge the fee to have their game featured, and player like us are tester for these games developers who pays in return.

How much money can you make on paid gaming apps?

Not much, at best they can generate around $2 to $5 per hour. And that also when they have plenty of games to play and surveys to fill out.

Are paid gaming apps legit?

Majority of the apps are not legit, only half dozen seems legit and worth of your time.

Some of legit apps

1. Swagbucks 2. Mistplay 3. Long Game 4. InboxDollars 5. Rakuten 6. Google Opinion Rewards

How to spot a fraudulent paid gaming app

1. Bad user reviews 2. A disconnect between ratings and review scores 3, No recent developer support

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