How to  make  money online



You can make money while making videos and uploading them on YouTube. it is the best way to get passive income.


if you can write, Blogging can be a best option to express your view and earn money.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to earn money, you can start a blog and register your self in e-commerce platform and start selling the products.

Influencer Marketing

You can grow as influencer if you have a good reach in your social media accounts.

Website Development

Everyone wants to be on internet today, you can learn website development and can grow with other business.

App Development

Beside website development, you can also work on App Development as Mobile is being used millions of people everyday.


you can share your experience in the form of E-book and start selling on e-commerce website.

Own a rental properties

Rental properties provide a steady income and can be good option in long term.