WAYS  how to save money

By meltblogs.com

Bye Bye Debt

Recurring Monthly debt payment should be avoided as it can suck your hard earned money and keep you thinking where all the money go.

Cut Down grocery budget

Cutting down grocery budget seems difficult but it can be done by making a list of grocery so that you should not overshoot budget while it come to spend on grocery.

Cancel recurring subscriptions of OTT

There is always a chance that you are paying OTT subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, gym memberships and Amazon Prime without realizing that you rarely used it in past one year.

Open SIP 

You should open SIP account and save the money that automatically deduct from your account, remember money saved is money earned.

keep checking insurance rates

You can save lot of money if you keep the insurance rate in check. If you endorsed local provider, it can be huge saving.

Start eating home food

Making lunch box at home can save you some extra money if not huge. And these small chunks can be huge some day.

Always ask for Discount

You can always fancy your chances for discount, never say never and always ask for the discount.

Cut down cell phone bill

If your monthly bill is more than your monthly grocery bill, then its time to cut it down and save the money.